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Terms & Conditions

In order for us to track your enquiry, please contact us using the form below. Please include your full name, email address, country of residence, and optional contact telephone number. We aim to respond to all enquiries within one working day.


To reserve a place at Baden Powell Institute or in one of our apartments, it is important to register at least seven days ahead and as far in advance from your desired start date as possible (especially for summer programs). To register, applicants must

1. Submit an application and a registration deposit

Deposits can be made online using our PayPal payment provider. Applicants can use this service to pay with funds from a PayPal account or with a credit card. Having a PayPal account is not necessary to use this service, and most major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Alternatively, you can pay directly into one of our bank accounts in the United States or Canada. Please contact us for more details.

The deposit for Spanish courses is USD$50 per person, or USD$100 per person for Spanish courses with accommodation.

The deposit for apartments only is USD$100 per apartment. Please note that during times when there is high demand for these apartments, for example during the "Día de Muertos" festival in November, we may contact you to ask for full payment prior to your arrival.

Deposits made through our PayPal service are refundable up to one week after the transaction date or up to one week before your scheduled arrival, whichever is sooner. After that time we will be unable to refund your deposit under normal circumstances.


House Rules

1. Guests may only occupy the apartment for the days that they have rented it. Upon renting the apartment, an exit date will be established. Extensions are possible if the apartment is available.
2. Upon apartment rental, guests must pay for at least one week of rent in advance.
3. Guests must leave a USD$100, or its equivalent in Mexican Pesos, deposit for any case of damage to the apartment. This deposit will be returned to the guest upon leaving the apartment in good condition.
4. Subsequent rent payments will be made every week or month, according to the arrangement made, in advance.
5. The rent price will be fixed in USD$, but it can be paid in other currencies observing the exchange rate for the day it is paid.
6. The landlord will not be responsible for any loss or theft inside the apartment complex. There is a safe available to guests if they wish to leave some valuables with the landlord.
7. Only the number of people on the rental agreement can occupy the apartment. If more people would like to stay in the apartment, the landlord must be notified and the corresponding difference in rent must be paid.
8. The use of the apartment will only be residential. No other activity will be allowed, be it commercial or any other that isn’t residential.
9. The renters and those who visit them must maintain respectful conduct to the other renters and the owner. Visitors must not create noise that could bother any of the renters or neighbors.
10. If the owner or any guest doesn’t feel comfortable with the conduct of any other renter or visitor, he or she may request that there be a change of behavior with the understanding being to achieve an enjoyable stay for everyone involved.
11. Loud parties are prohibited.
12. After 10:00 p.m., any noise that could bother any neighboring apartment is prohibited.
13. It is prohibited to bring in or to use any type of illegal drugs.
14. It is prohibited to have any animals in the apartments.
15. Apartment cleaning and sheets and towel change will be done once a week by the staff on behalf of the owner.
16. Guests will have a set of keys to enter and leave the apartment whenever they need to. The guest is completely responsible for the appropriate use of those keys. If the keys are lost, the guest will have to pay for locksmith services and the making of new keys. In more serious circumstances, the guest will be responsible for damages or theft caused by the loss of the keys.
17. Apartment complex safety depends on the door to the street’s being securely closed every time someone enters or leaves. Renters are responsible for making sure of this at all times.
18. Making copies of apartment keys is prohibited for the safety of all the renters. If a copy of the key is needed, please ask the owner for one.
19. Any stolen or missing objects or furnishings which belong to the apartment must be paid for by the renter. See inventory.
20. The location of the furniture or furnishings must be respected. If a change in distribution of furniture is desired, please consult with the owner.
21. If anything in the complex is not functioning properly or has broken down, guests must inform the owner so that he can order or make any necessary repairs. During working hours (9am-2pm), guests may call +52 (443) 312-2002. Outside of working hours, guests may call either of these phone numbers: 044-44-33-37-04-73, or 044-44-33-37-04-66.
22. Use of lights or any other electrical device should be used only when a guest is present. We ask guests to respect this rule to avoid waste and or accidents.
23. The use of electric or gas heaters is prohibited to avoid accidents or fires.
24. Guests will do laundry at the Laundromat. If they would like to hang clothes up to dry, these clothes cannot be hung in common areas (patio, hallways, handrails, street, etc).
25. Smoking is prohibited in all apartments. Smoking is allowed only on the upstairs terrace of the building.
26. Any issue not foreseen by these rules must be dealt with quickly by the interested parties.
27. Guests are reminded that the fact that someone is not a Mexican citizen doesn’t not exempt him or her from respecting Mexican laws.


In order to participate in any of the excursions payment must be made in full before the day of the trip. All excursions are given in Spanish, although some explanations can be given in English if the tour guide considers it necessary or prudent.
It is forbidden to smoke or drink alcoholic drinks inside the vans. For safety reasons it is necessary to keep all participants together at all times. The tour guide is the only person who can authorize free times in specific places. Even then, people will have to move around in pairs or small groups, never alone.
In the event of free time for shopping or strolling, all participants will have to be on time at the meeting point. The maximum waiting time will be 15 minutes, after that, the tour will continue without you.
The abuse of alcoholic drinks is not allowed during the excursion. Trips and transportation in general may be arranged through agencies contracted by B-P I, although they are usually taken in our school vans.

Behavioural Expectations

Participants are expected to be courteous and respectful guests. Illegal drug use or abusive behaviour at any age or alcoholic consumption by minors cannot be tolerated. Baden-Powell reserves the right to serve, to cancel and/or terminate participation for any person who fails to comply with the policies of the program or for any other reason deemed necessary, in the sole discretion of Baden-Powell. Baden-Powell further reserves the right, without escort and without refund to send home any participant who violates the rules stated above. The return trip will be at the expense of the participant or the participant's family.

Refund Policy

The registration deposit is non-refundable. This registration deposit will be considered as part of your payment for the study program or accommodation.


TB-P-I has made all reasonable efforts to determine that all of the information provided in our publicity is exact. The courses, programs and terms offered here, however, are subject to change without forewarning, at the discretion of B-P I.

These changes could be seen in costs, schedules, and program dates. In accordance with civil law, the institute does not discriminate based on race, skin colour, nationality, ancestry, religion, gender, age, or marital status in any of its activities programs.